Wayfaring Foundation | Melbourne

NonProfit Name: Wayfaring Foundation

Location: Melbourne, AUS & Cambodia

Contact Name: Greg Bax, Founder

What is the Wayfaring Foundation all about?

Wayfaring Foundation is an independent non-profit organization, which is based in Melbourne Australia, directly benefiting children and communities every year in Cambodia, by providing free education to the underprivileged. The Foundations aims is through our full and viable development model, Wayfaring Foundation provides safe learning centres, libraries, community projects and provides children with basic school supplies. But our educational support widens beyond constructing and equipping our learning centres. We ensure our projects are supported over the long-term, to develop ideas to complement government-defined curriculum, and to commit in giving all underprivileged children a quality education so they can enjoy a happy educated life, free of undue worries and assist them into obtaining a better future with quality employment. Built on the loving and passionate commitment in giving underprivileged children a chance to make a progressive and positive change in their lives.

How long have you been operating?

5 years

Where did the idea start?

The founder of Wayfaring Foundation Greg Bax, started helping the homeless children of Australia in provided clothing, food and basic supplies for everyday living on the streets. Greg has now been involved in many campaigns to provide assistances to the underprivileged for 10+ years in many different countries from the South Pacific, Australia, South America and South East Asia. After traveling to these remote villages of South East Asia Greg was saddened by the lack of education that their communities could access because the families didn’t have enough money to send their child to school or the local government didn’t provide a school close enough for the children to attend. Greg started to pool all of his personal savings together and return to these villages to start providing free English classes to anyone who wanted to learn. Within no time he had so many children attending free English classes every day because these children were waiting for someone to help them achieve a brighter future. Greg has never asked for any money from anyone and has funded everything out of his personal money to date. Education should be a right for all children not just those who live in the developed world, or those who come from wealthier families. Wayfaring Foundation recognize that education as a basic human right and childhood is a crucial time to receive an education.

How do TOWNHALL Citizens or visitors get involved? Are you open to collaboration – if so, what kind?

Help us make a transformation.
So, each and every, cent, dollar donated goes towards helping underprivileged children in marginalized communities through funding projects and other educational opportunities. The impact even a small donation by you can have is noteworthy – we pride ourselves on giving value for money and guaranteeing the greatest possible impact from each and every donation. We guarantee that every cent that is donated by you goes directly to these children’s education. No money is spent on large administrations cost and no donations are being used for the personal gain of the volunteers or the Founders, every cent is accounted for and you will be provided with a half yearly financially report itemising exactly where your donation was used. There are several ways you can assist us in transforming their lives and make sure they live up to their true potential. We are a charity foundation and count on donations from people who care about young people’s future. There are lots of ways you can make a donation to assist young people in fulfilling their potential and increase their chances in life.
There has been lots of awareness among people as regards education and its necessity. Everyone sees to it that their children obtain quality education. But throughout the world, there are lots of children who may have put an end to their studies or may not have gotten the opportunity to get educated due to many reasons such as poverty, family obligations, and lots of other things. You can be of help to a child in other to break away from the bonds of poverty through our online donation platform. It allows you to gift life-changing opportunity to that child for a low weekly, monthly, and yearly support or contribution. Your donation online will guarantee that the child receives quality educational support through every stage of his/her youthful life.
Donate online: You can be of help to a child in other to break away from the bonds of poverty through our online donation platform. It allows you to gift life-changing opportunity to that child for a low weekly, monthly, and yearly support or contribution. Your donation online will guarantee that the child receives quality educational support through every stage of his/her youthful life.
So, if you have either a credit or debit card and would like to help our work, please visit www.gofundme.com/wayfaringgroup click on the “donate now” button and make your donation.
Support a Child: Support a child with Wayfaring Foundation to help in transforming education. From $1 a day, you can assist us in giving these children a life-changing education to break away from poverty.
Friends of Wayfaring Foundation: Through repeated donations as friends of Wayfaring Foundation, we will be able to help more young children notably improve their life chances.
Fundraise For Us: We depend on the assistance of a mind-blowing team of fundraisers who are passionate about transforming lives in Cambodia.

Does Wayfaring Foundation work with another organisations and what support does Wayfaring receive?

Wayfaring Foundations is not involved with another government organisations and to date all financially support for the learning centres has been sustained by the founders personal money. Education has turn out to be a necessity to survive in this world. We cannot even think of living in this world with no education. Wayfaring Foundation has built a team of volunteers to assist in teaching the children of their own local communities. Greg Bax the Founder of Wayfaring Foundation and its team of volunteers believe in our foundation, our doors will never be closed to those who are short of financial resources, and quality education will be open to all with the potential to be successful. We believe that the most valuable way to end the cycle of poverty is absolutely through quality education. We also belief that children are the future peacemakers, and that education is the only way in which children are raised to come to be those who find different ways to live in social, cultural and environmental coordination.

Why is there a need for education?

Suppose you were unable to read or write. Suppose you knew nothing of the world that exists away from your hometown. Suppose you had no knowledge of how to put off common illnesses that were disturbing your entire community. Or worse yet, suppose you didn’t even know or understand your basic human rights, let alone in what manner to fight for them. By providing access to free high-quality community learning centres for the underprivileged children; implementing dedicated learning environments which develop children socially and academically, giving them power to become productive members of the society. Investing in this kind of programs that create generational change for these communities and which assists in breaking the cycle of poverty.
We understand that educating children and providing learning centres in these communities makes a lot of difference.

What are some examples of Wayfaring Foundation’s Projects?

To date Wayfaring Foundation has provided free education to 300+ underprivileged children in remote villages of Cambodia, created 2 learning centres which are currently operating and 2 schools that will be opening soon. Wayfaring Foundation is providing free English classes to 300+ underprivileged children, provide training to local members of the community to assist in teaching the children of their villages. We are dedicated to helping children in learning how to read, write, and speak English with the aim of improving their quality of life and ability to play a greater part in the community.

Current Projects
Roulous Commune, Kok srok Village Siem Reap Cambodia
This is a small rural community which has 1300 family and 300 children that live in a small village called Roulous Commune 45 kms from Siem Reap Town. The parents in this small village are poor farmers and the children aren’t given the opportunity to attend the state school 15 kms away because most of the family can’t afford the school fees, learning material or the school uniforms that is required by the state schools.
We established a learning center in this village 5 years ago to provide free education to these children. The learning center offers free education 5 days a week between 7am and 11am or 1pm to 4pm. The learning center provides Khmer Language, English Language and a kindergarten. Generally we average between 120 and 200 children per day learning in the school. My volunteers Mr Sambath teaches English, Mrs Sambath teaches Khmer and English Language and Mrs Valeak teaches Khmer language. These volunteers provide their time for free to the learning Centre.

Suvansila Pagoda, Traw Garet Village Siem Reap Cambodia
The young Monks of this Village are 90% orphans or the parents are too poor to provide for their children so they are sent to the Temple to become Monks. The young Monks don’t attend a state school and rely only on the education that is available from other senior Monks and Wayfaring Foundation. We established a classroom in the living quarters of the temple 1.5 year ago to provide education to these young Monks. After their last meal at 11.30am the young Monks will attend the classroom to start their learning, first they will have 1.5 hours of English studies followed by 1.5 hours of Khmer language 5 days a week. The English classes have become so popular within in the village and now we are getting children from the state school attending the English class during their lunch time break. There are 20 young Monks and now averaging around 10 to 15 other village children attending our English classes. The English classes are at a very basic level, (year 2 -3 in our curriculum). I have developed a great team of volunteers to teach English when I’m not available. I have Mrs Sarth Sothy Ctep, which is a university student studying English language and Mr Ngoun Sothy who assist Mrs Sarth when he is free to attend the classes.

What are the future educational programs Wayfaring Foundation will be introducing?

We are dedicated to helping children in learning how to read, write, and speak English with the aim of improving their quality of life and obtaining better opportunities to seek higher quality employment. Wayfaring Foundation is working towards providing teenage trade base training programs, free basic computer classes, cooking workshops, arts, horticulture, environmental care studies for the older children of these remote, poor villages of Cambodia. Researching the local employment opportunities in the surrounding towns, Wayfaring believes that by introducing other programs this will provide the older children in seeking employment and in turn benefit the immediate families, community and children.
• Teenage trade base training – woodwork, motorcycle mechanics, hospitality, , horticulture studies and environmental studies
• Teenage education programs – cooking classes, art classes, teenage personal health classes and basic computer studies.
These programs will be conducted by other local NGO and local members of the communities. Once the teenager is completed these designed programs they will receive a certificate of completion and be able to seek employment in the surrounding towns or start their own small business in the community.

Website: HERE

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