The Silent Heroes Helping in the Wake of The PNG Quake

Did you hear about the horrific 7.5-magnitude quake in Papua New Guinea on the morning of 26th February?

Unfortunately not enough people did, although it’s estimated that 275,000 people are in need of emergency aid and 300,000 people have no shelter. Soon after the quake hit, more than 100 people were confirmed dead.

Earthquakes happen a lot in the pacific, which is where the ever-active Ring of Fire has often wreaked havoc on the lives of those living in its proximity. Because this has happened a number of times before, media coverage is few and far between.

I wanted to highlight some of the silent heroes who have been helping with the aid and recovery effort, although their very humble nature meant they were reluctant for us to highlight their amazing efforts.

My partner Trent’s brother-in-law, Phil Mudgway of Waikato, New Zealand, has been part of the relentless efforts to provide aid. Being a super humble guy, he didn’t want us to share the story but sorry Phil, you guys are doing an amazing job and we wanted to get word out there in the hope of generating more donations and public awareness!

We spoke to Phil to find out what’s going on in PNG.

“We are distributing aid to the small isolated villages in the Hela region,” said Phil. “Most have no access to roads, or communications.”

These photos show how stoked the local children are to be receiving help in a time of huge crisis. Nice one guys – keep doing what you’re doing and let’s get the story out there to keep that aid coming!

With love,