The Possibility Project | Sydney, AUS

Social Enterprise Name: The Possibility Project

Location: Sydney, Australia

Contact Name: Kim Pearce, Co-Founder

What is The Possibility Project all about?

The Possibility Project is about restorative justice. It’s about restoring balance between people and planet through conscious relationships. We have created a slow clothing label called slumwear108, made through practises that value dignified relationships throughout the entire supply chain. The power of restorative justice is that it aims to nurture change without judgement, punishment, fear and separation. We simply want to demonstrate that every individual, regardless of circumstance, has the power to transform a problem into a solution. We focus on what we have in common with each other on planet earth, it’s our commonalities that have power not our differences.

How long have you been operating?

5 years (and many lifetimes)

Where did the idea start?

It started over a cup of tea! Like most things that have an energy of their own, it started with an intention to ‘do something’ with our gifts and creating something that would result in sharing the joy on earth. It also had to compliment our most important jobs this life round – motherhood.

How do TOWNHALL Citizens or visitors get involved? Are you open to collaboration – if so, what kind?

Our journey has been made possible through the power of the shared economy, we collaborate with any project that resonates with the spirit of restorative justice. Of course we love people to purchase slumwear108 but scaling the mindset of possibility through our public talks and presentations is equally as important. We don’t take volunteers, we prefer people to do their thing, we do our thing and then find a way to meet in the middle to get things done on this planet.

Do you have any success stories?

Success is a funny term to us, as it still primarily fits in the world of measurement through metrics. Also we are truly driven by transformative action, success feels so momentary when what we desire is something ‘immemorial’. If you come to one of our talks, of course we talk about some incredible moments on our journey but we are not attached to any of them and quite often they don’t translate into ‘dollars and followers’ that people equate success with – because we see our world as much greater than that.

Do you have a project on TOWNHALL or an important event or mission coming up?

We are humbled to be speaking at VIVID SYDNEY – a sold out event on ‘Fashioning for the Circular Economy’ – but there will be plenty more and we are always open to invitations.

Are you raising funds for anything specific?

One of the best things about doing this work is that you are creatively stimulated everyday, we have both deepened our desire to work for Mother Earth. When we get to that ‘tipping point’ that humans wake up and realise we belong to one another and we only have one home to share – we will rest up a little!

Any interesting fact you can share?

My favourite is that Kath is the most incredible fashion designer and stylist – but her (not so) secret weapon is that she is colour blind! I love telling that to people.

What’s the overall vision for The Possibility Project?

To live in a place where people value their insights not their projections. Our work strengthens people’s belief in their own power, at a time where all our traditional power bases are failing (which is a positive thing) we hope that individuals step up to owning their power – and that they dress in slumwear108 while doing it!

What’s your ‘why’?

“If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same” You too will experience Possibility Materialised.

Website: HERE

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