The Good Globe | UK

Citizen’s Name: Karianne & Fabio

Project: The Good Globe

Position: Co-Founders

Tagline: Travel for Positive Social Impact

Location: UK (with contributors worldwide)

What is the The Good Globe?

The Good Globe is a website for travellers who want to have a positive social impact on the places they are visiting. We showcase social enterprises, non-profits and charities around the world. We want to make it easier for people to make socially conscious choices when they are travelling. While it is easy for people to commit to regular volunteering in the place they live (or if they are staying in a place for an extended period), travellers staying somewhere for a short period of time may think there is nothing that they can do in the short time they have. We want to change this mindset!

We want to encourage people to think more about the choices they make when travelling. People can make a big difference by making small changes in where they choose to spend their time and money. Rather than visiting a chain coffee shop or restaurant, we would encourage people to seek out a social enterprise café or non-profit restaurant. When looking for tours, why not look out for a tour that supports community groups? You (normally) won’t spend more money, but your money will be going back into the community you are visiting; and you will meet a lot of interesting people!

The main problem is that people don’t know about these amazing places! We want to make it easy for tourists and travellers to find this information, so that they can make more socially conscious decisions about where to spend their money and time.

How long have you been operating?

We set up our website in 2015, but as we both have full time jobs, it can be challenging to keep up with everything. However, over the past few months, things have started to pick up. We have recently taken on new members to our team to help write content and spread our mission, and we’re hoping to expand to have many Good Globe members across the world.

Where did the idea start?

In 2015, we were travelling around South East Asia and discovered a great social enterprise in Phnom Penh, where local artisans taught skills to tourists (we learnt how to carve coconuts – a lot more difficult than it looks!). We decided to keep looking for more social enterprises but we found that, in some cities, these organisations were very difficult to find. We thought that it would be so useful to have a website that told you about what you could do, and where you could go, to give back to the community in places you were visiting. We couldn’t find a website that did this; so, over a coffee in a café (a social enterprise of course!) in Battambang, Cambodia, we decided to start The Good Globe.

How do TOWNHALL Citizens or visitors get involved? Are you open to collaboration? If so, what kind?

If TOWNHALL citizens or visitors have visited a social enterprise / non-profit, or found anything that gives back to the community in somewhere, please let us know! We are easily contactable through our website or through social media.

Or, if anyone would like to write about their experiences for The Good Globe, we are always looking for new members to contribute to the website. We can’t get everywhere in the world, so need more people to share stories about these great organisations.

Do you have any success stories?

We always feel we have made a difference when we receive a message from someone saying they visited a place because they read about it on our website. It’s great to know that we are being used a resource for people who want to contribute to the communities they are staying in. It’s why we set the website up in the first place.

Do you have a project on TOWNHALL or an important event or mission coming up?

We have the launch of our new ‘Plate up Project’ coming up on July 15.

What’s the overall vision for The Good Globe?

We have recently started creating city guides, which list all the good organisations a tourist can get involved with in a city. We have completed guides for Barcelona and Prague, and we’re currently in the process of writing guides for many more cities around the world.

Our overall vision is to have a Good Globe city guide for as many cities as we can, but we need the help of worldwide contributors to do this, as we can’t possibly get around everywhere.

We want to become the ‘go-to’ website for people that want to travel in a more socially conscious way. We want to show people how easy it is to make simple choices that can have a big impact!