Hosting Volunteers & Work Placements – Get your social enterprise ready

Providing positive social impact is central to the vision of all social enterprises. Providing work and volunteer placements to people who are unemployed or not in work is an effective way of delivering this impact whilst supporting the development of your organisation.

Introduction to Social Enterprise. Bite Size Community Training – Portsmouth, UK

An evening for those who want to know more about social enterprise and how to turn a great idea into a viable business that can benefit your local community.

Starting a Social Enterprise – Christchurch, NZ

If you’re starting a social enterprise or have a great idea you want to explore, find out how to give it the best start with our ‘Starting a Social Enterprise’ workshop.

Social Enterprise for Not-for-Profits: Christchurch, NZ

Many organisations are looking to grow income from trade or to create new social enterprises. This workshop is for leaders of not-for-profits who want to explore the process and challenges of starting a social enterprise.

Social Enterprise Festival – London, UK

The Social Enterprise Festival 2017 is brought to you by City, University of London in partnership with Santander and Queen Mary University of London.

Setting Up A Social Enterprise

In this seminar David McGlashan of the School for Social Entrepreneurs will discuss some of the main things to bear in mind when starting a social enterprise and highlight the organisations that you can contact for support.

Start here! Business planning for social enterprises

This workshop will introduce you to the key concepts and contents of a business plan using a format designed specifically for businesses with a social purpose. This will provide a framework for you to consider, clarify and communicate what will make your social enterprise a success.

The Social Enterprise World Forum 2017

This is a huge one for all our citizens and visitors interested in social enterprise! The Social Enterprise World Forum will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand on 27-29 September.

Entrepreneurs Unleashed – Auckland, NZ

Our Entrepreneurs Unleashed Event Series brings together amazing local entrepreneurs to share real, practical advise for starting and growing companies.