World Vision Youth Conference – Christchurch, NZ

World Vision Youth Conference (WVYC) is an international leadership event for secondary school leaders (years 11-13), run by World Vision. The day is designed to ignite a passion for justice and equality in young New Zealander’s, and equip them with the leadership tools they need to go out and create change both locally and globally.

Starting a Social Enterprise – Christchurch, NZ

If you’re starting a social enterprise or have a great idea you want to explore, find out how to give it the best start with our ‘Starting a Social Enterprise’ workshop.

Social Enterprise for Not-for-Profits: Christchurch, NZ

Many organisations are looking to grow income from trade or to create new social enterprises. This workshop is for leaders of not-for-profits who want to explore the process and challenges of starting a social enterprise.

The Social Enterprise World Forum 2017

This is a huge one for all our citizens and visitors interested in social enterprise! The Social Enterprise World Forum will be held in Christchurch, New Zealand on 27-29 September.

Startup Weekend – Christchurch, NZ

Launch a startup in 54 hours.

A high-energy weekend filled with aspiring and proven entrepreneurs, Startup Weekend is the place to launch an idea, meet co-founders, and grow your networks within the startup ecosystem! It’s Outward Bound for entrepreneurs!