Soop Supper Clubs – June

Stories On Our Plate (SOOP) and Shakirat invite you to a unique and celebratory dinner with SOOP programme participant Shakirat. This evening celebrates the end of SOOP’s culinary programme with Shakira’s first supper club. Expect great food, stories, conversation.
Shakirat’s menu is a unique blend of recipes from her upbringing in Nigeria and her influences of living in London. Shakirat has a particular passion for baking, so expect some great desserts!
SOOP has partnered with the London Cooking Project. As a unique supper club space, the LCP offers an intimate feel with an open plan kitchen. This is a venue not to miss out on!
Welcoming, stimulating, interactive, extremely yummy, interesting, warming.

DATE: Thursday 20th July 2017

LOCATION: SW11, London, UK

COST: £34