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Society Melbourne | Melbourne

Social Enterprise Name? Society Melbourne



Across Melbourne at different venues including Brunswick, Parkville & Frankston

Where does Society Melbourne affect change?

Society Melbourne creates pathways out of homelessness for young people by empowering the community to make a positive impact with small actions like buying a coffee.

Tell us about Society Melbourne?

We create pathways out of youth homelessness for young people via a five step program which sees them transition to further work or education while also allowing them to enter the rental market on a rental subsidy scheme. We do this through our hospitality venues that include cafes across Melbourne and our food truck, Crêpes for Change.

How long have you been operating?

Society Melbourne (formerly Crêpes for Change) began as a start up in late 2014.

How did the idea start?

In 2014 our co-founder Dan and his brother Liam, decided to lean on his French background to make and sell crêpes on the beach in St Kilda. With the profits they made, they saw the issue of youth homelessness in the area and decided to donate all the profits to local organisations to help young people at risk of homelessness. That was the beginning of Crêpes for Change. With a group of committed volunteers like our other co-founders Tenille and Levi, they saw an opportunity to provide more sustainable change for young people. In 2018, Society Melbourne was formed with a family of venues that form our home.plate training journey to provide 3 stages of skills development and work experience incorporating barista skills, customer service, food preparation and overall confidence and community building.

How can people get involved? Are you open to collaboration – if so, what kind?

We are absolutely open to collaboration with those who share our values and can help through growing awareness of the issues of youth homelessness in Australia.

There are plenty of ways to support our organisation:
Buy a coffee & food or book our Crêpes for change van for your next event. It’s the easiest and most impactful way to support our programs by incorporating our services into your life. By visiting one of our cafes you will not only be financially contributing but will also provide experience for our trainees.

Help us spread the word about the work we do, also about youth homelessness in Australia and help us break down any stigmas. We would love for you to do this through your social media platforms.

If you’re an employer, consider becoming an Open.shift partner. You will gain access to our graduates who are highly skilled and ready for the next opportunity. Working towards a more inclusive and socially conscious workplace.

Do you have an important event or mission coming up? Tell us about it!

Right now we are focused on reaching pre-covid capacity in our home.plate training program as well as at our venues. We will then look to grow and find ways to bring even more trainees on board. We used the down time of last year’s lockdown to review the support we offer and are now offering an extended program to a number of trainees called home.plate plus. These trainees will receive more one on one support, work more closely on goal setting and a higher focus on education.

Are you raising funds for anything specific or rallying for a specific cause right now?

Our cause and mission is to eliminate youth homelessness in Australia. We want to do this through creating long-term and sustainable pathways out of homelessness to break that cycle.

Any interesting facts you can share about Society Melbourne or your industry?

1. One third of Australians facing homelessness are under 25.
2. 100% of our trainees who have completed our home.plate training program have successfully transitioned into employment or further education.

What’s the overall vision for Society Melbourne?

Our vision is eliminating youth homelessness is Australia

What’s your ‘why’? What drives Society Melbourne to do what you do?

We believe that young people who find themselves experiencing homelessness, do so due to a series of life circumstances that they have had no control over. That the young people we get to work with are some of the most courageous, strong, warm and beautiful people they deserve every opportunity to build up a life for themselves that they choose, rather than what has been thrust upon them.

Youth homelessness is an unnecessary evil that can tear away at a young person’s confidence, sense of self, trust in others and hope for the future. It matters that every young person is given a structure of community, hope, trusting relationships and the opportunity to create the future of their choosing. Supporting young people out of homelessness is not just about them finding a safe and secure place to live, it is also about them being able to shift from a space of survival to a space of thriving.

Anything else you’d like to share?

We run some of the most sustainable social enterprises in Australia. Our food menus in our cafes are plant-based. We focus on waste reduction and partner with co-ground to minimise our environmental impact while focusing on optimising our social impact


Instagram: @societymelbourne



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