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Sam Wells

Name: Sam Wells

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Do you work/volunteer for any organisations featured on TOWNHALL?

Not on TOWNHALL, but I have volunteered with a group called project hope In the West Bank (Palestine)

What’s your role within the above organisation?

A volunteer teaching some basic skills such as sports and arts and just generally helping out around place.

A bit about yourself:

I am a passionate, vibrant and energetic soul that has spent the last 2-3 years travelling on and off around the world. I have covered a lot of ground (over 30 countries) and experienced a variety of cultures. I am a keen learner and love to help out wherever I can. I am a strong believer in communication and the community that we create as individuals and have a lot of dreams for myself and where the planet is heading. I would consider myself a deep thinking with ideas constantly evolving and growing from my life encounters. Down to earth and easy going, at the end of the day I’m just here to spread my love and have and have a laugh along with it.

Work/Volunteer Experience?

I’ve done a variety of volunteer work. I’ve done from volunteering at homeless shelters back home to teaching children circus skills to heading abroad and helping out in projects such as project hope in Palestine and also some aid work in Mexico as I was there when the earthquake struck.

What’s your ‘why’?

I feel as though a lot of people get caught up in the life we’ve been put in front of us as white privileged Australians. I myself have recognised this privilege and see it more as a platform to start change. I feel very strongly that I am here for a reason almost to the point of having a voice guiding me. I grew up without a father but a strong mother who taught me a lot about compassion and love. For me I feel the pain of the world and when I meet someone I see their hurt or their trouble and want to help. Starting ripples is my moto and helping others brings me a lot of joy.

What skills do you have?

I have a lot of skills as iv dabbled in many areas in my very short life. Iv worked in film, iv taught circus, I have skills in almost every sport including surfing, cricket, soccer, tennis, golf ect. I work in the wine industry at the moment so have skills in winemaking. Iv done poetry and art a lot at school because of the type of school I went too (Steiner). Ontop of this I have a love for the skill of communication with others and using my words to inspire other to follow their drive.

TOWNHALL Interests;

  • Animals
  • Education
  • Arts & Culture
  • Children
  • Friendship
  • Community Support
  • Human Rights
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Sport

Are you happy to be contacted for volunteer/work opportunities or collaborations?


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