Rachel O’Connell | Auckland, NZ

Name: Rachel O’Connell

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Do you work/volunteer for any organisations featured on TOWNHALL?

From Me To PNG – view Community page here

What’s your role within the above organisation?


A bit about yourself:

I’m a 24 year old Event Coordinator who has an eye for DIY, organisation and keeping active. I love a good book and playing sport.

Work/Volunteer Experience?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Event management and have been working in managerial roles since my graduation. Like my sister, I have worked in schools in Papua New Guinea with From me to PNG to build libraries. I have created and update our website and facilitate new marketing strategies for From me to PNG

What’s your ‘why’?

Through working in the corporate world for many years now, I have grown a desire more than ever to work towards something that I find meaningful. I have always had a passion for children and I want to work towards helping the children in the world who needs it the most. I believe in giving all children equal opportunities to thrive to the best of their abilities and gaining an education is where this starts.

What skills do you have?

Great English skills – can teach English

Coaching sport experience

Building and DIY

Are you happy to be contacted for volunteer/work opportunities or collaborations?


TOWNHALL Interests:

  • Animals
  • Children
  • Community Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Sport
  • Women’s Health/Rights