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Connecting people with purpose

This is your place for browsing businesses in your city that give back, or for charities, social enterprises, nonprofits and other for-purpose projects to get on board with >

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Operation Blue | Adelaide

Everybody in this world deserves access to clean drinking water, it’s a basic human right, and unfortunately, there are many still out there without access to this luxury. We live in a country, where clean drinking water literally falls from the sky, and it’s up to us, those who have access to clean drinking water change the game for those who don’t. Our vision is to continue building this platform, in a manner where it is easy to fund and distribute water filters to communities which need them most. We use Sawyer Filters, a quick, easy, simple yet effective filtration system which can provide water for families without access.

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From Me To PNG

We are a non for profit organisation that sends donated school resources ranging in all types – reading books, journals, exercise books, pens, pencils, educational games, and sports equipment to Papua New Guinea. We build and improve educational facilities like libraries in small villages in order to give these children in developing countries equal opportunities.

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The Toothbrush Project

We are working to improve the dental health of those less fortunate. We currently work with a community in Kampot, Cambodia, which is amongst the poorest in the country. We use a 3 tier framework to ensure that we are making a holistic difference to the lives of those we are working with. This is done through provision of dental supplies (purchased within the community), hygiene education (to ensure that teeth brushing becomes a habit- not a one off), and through professional dental care.

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Every Little Bit Helps

Our belief is that every Australian should have access to a toothbrush and a bar of soap, and that by providing basic toiletries to people in need we are providing them with not only the essentials, but also a little bit of dignity.

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The Waterboy NZ

The Waterboy works to break down barriers to give New Zealanders an opportunity to participate in sport.
We identify those groups and individuals who want to do sport but are unable for some reason, and create initiatives to break down barriers and give them those opportunities. We then film the initiatives to capture the story and give businesses an opportunity to partner with us as a means of showing their values.

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Melbourne Period Project

MPP supplies sanitary items to women and trans men experiencing homelessness. We do this by crowdfunding for products, putting them into kits we call ‘Period Packs’ and sending them out to the streets and to crisis accommodation services around Melbourne.

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