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Connecting people with purpose

This is your place for browsing businesses in your city that give back, or for charities, social enterprises, nonprofits and other for-purpose projects to get on board with >

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Operation Blue | Adelaide

Everybody in this world deserves access to clean drinking water, it’s a basic human right, and unfortunately, there are many still out there without access to this luxury. We live in a country, where clean drinking water literally falls from the sky, and it’s up to us, those who have access to clean drinking water change the game for those who don’t. Our vision is to continue building this platform, in a manner where it is easy to fund and distribute water filters to communities which need them most. We use Sawyer Filters, a quick, easy, simple yet effective filtration system which can provide water for families without access.

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Futures Collective

Transforming education to be a catalyst for human creativity, intelligence and empathy in our rapidly innovating world. So that young people are growing up communicating through kindness empathy and compassion, while being empowered with the skills to solve real world problems. Podcast has been running since last November, but have just started the rest of our stuff this year!

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Fara raises money to fund research to find better treatments and a cure for Friedreich Ataxia. A genetic, degenerative, neuro-muscular disease that affects 1 in 30,000 Australians.

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