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Misfit Brewing Co. | Auckland, NZ

Social Enterprise Name: Misfit Brewing Co.

Location: New Zealand

Associated Citizens featured on TOWNHALL: Brendan Devoy, Founder


What is Misfit Brewing Co. all about?

Welcome to Misfit.

We are a team of creatives and square pegs set on inventing and pushing boundaries, with an uncompromising and meticulous approach to crafting the perfect beer.

We are a New Zealand social enterprise brewing company, where we will be fighting to restore clean water sources in New Zealand and the wider Pacific, by donating all of our profits to the cause.

How long have you been operating?

While the project was established back in 2015, the brand was officially launched in 2018.

Where did the idea start?

Misfit Brewing dates back to when Brendan began brewing during his years at Uni, which was around the time he was introduced to Social Enterprise, while he did a case study on TOMs shoes in his Marketing course at Auckland Uni. As he continued to brew, he noticed the reliance of clean water in the process, and was shocked to see that on average, 75L of water is used to make one glass of beer. As he progressed with Uni, he developed this idea of a social enterprise brewery, with funds going toward providing clean water to the 845 million people without it.

In early 2016, while developing the idea through the social enterprise business accelerator program Live The Dream, Brendan learnt more about the clean water issues closer to home, where over 5 million Pacific Island residents lack access to clean water and sanitisation. This, along with the declining levels of quality rivers and lakes here in New Zealand, became the focus for the brand, tackling an issue a little closer to home.

After dabbling in the project since 2015, he left his corporate job at New Zealand’s largest brewery in early 2018 to focus full-time on Misfit, with the aim of bringing the first range of beer to market later that year.

How do TOWNHALL Citizens or visitors get involved? Are you open to collaboration – if so, what kind?

We’re big on community, so would love to hear what you think of Misfit, and how we could make things better for all.

Do you have a project on TOWNHALL or an important event or mission coming up?

We’re launching our first beers on November 3rd in Auckland!

Are you raising funds for anything specific or rallying for a specific cause right now?

Given the particular importance and reliance of water in the brewing process, we are challenging ourselves to commit all our profits to clean water restoration projects in New Zealand and the wider Pacific.

Any interesting facts you can share?

Did you know that on average, 75L of water is used to produce just one standard glass of beer?

Meanwhile, New Zealanders consume the equivalent of 9 litres of beer each second; that’s about 175 million litres of water per day!

Alarmingly, global demand for clean water is increasing at such a rate, that it’s expected to exceed supply by 2030. And all the while, the quality of clean water in the Pacific is suffering. Today, over 5 million Pacific Island residents still lack their basic right of access to clean water and adequate sanitation practices; while closer to home, the majority of New Zealand’s lowland rivers are so polluted we can’t safely swim in them.

What’s the overall vision for Misfit Brewing Co.?

Our vision is to restore clean water sources in New Zealand and the wider Pacific, one beer at a time.

What’s your ‘why’?

Find us online @misfitbeer

Website: HERE

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