March 2017: International Ideas Month

“Ideas are important. They’re the way society makes improvements. Sometimes the smallest of ideas can lead to great advancements. We all have ideas but the trouble is we often can’t foresee the long-term possibilities and we forget about them” –

It’s so important that we write our ideas down, we share them, we brainstorm, collaborate, ask for help, for further ideas and put our ideas into action.

Every project you see on TownHall started as a single idea. Our citizens put these ideas into action and achieved something amazing. Some achievements were simple yet effective and some involved a lot of hard work over a long period of time.

These ideas have since improved, or even saved, the lives of thousands around the world. Our citizens made their ideas a reality and that’s the most important thing.

How many fleeting ideas have you had that may have really changed the world, or at least your chosen corner of the world?

This month, International Ideas Month, we put it to you to write your ideas down, get them out there and make them happen. You might even save a life.