LOT2545 | U.S & Kampala, Uganda

Citizen’s Name: Amanda Jones

Charity: LOT2545

Position: Founder

Tagline: “Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

Location: Kampala, Uganda

What is LOT2545?

LOT2545 works in Kampala, Uganda providing hope and a future to teens that formerly called the streets home. We offer opportunities for them to heal and pave a way to a bright future through education, small businesses, apprenticeships, reunification with family, and vocational training. We also provide fair wages to a group of single moms/widows through our Kwagala Jewellery line.

How long have you been operating?

6 years this November

Where did the idea start?

Amanda spent a 10 months in Uganda volunteering at an outreach for kids living on the streets. During that time, she noticed that not many organizations were willing to take on the oldest boys living on the street. They were seen as too independent, able to care for themselves, addicted to drugs, unwilling to change…the list goes on. However, those were the boys that she connected with and she knew that there was more to them. She left Uganda after 10 months to register LOT2545, so she could address the needs of the oldest boys on the street. She realized even though they were older, and potentially should be able to care for themselves, they still did not possess the skills needed to do so and needed a chance to reach their potential. LOT2545 opened its doors in January of 2012 to provide a safe space, off of the streets, where the boys could begin to heal from years of trauma and abuse and build their futures.

How do TOWNHALL Citizens or visitors get involved? Are you open to collaboration? If so, what kind?

We are always looking for volunteers that are passionate about our goals and mission and are willing to share our story with others. There are volunteer opportunities locally and in Uganda. If someone is interested, the best thing to do is contact Courtney, our Volunteer Coordinator, at courtney@lot2545.org for more info and to figure out the opportunity that best suits him/her.

Do you have any success stories?

We have had several young men that have started small businesses and are able to provide for themselves now. We also had 4 boys complete primary school last year and go on to high school this year. In all, we have 25 boys, and 1 girl, that we support.

Are you raising funds for anything specific?

We are still in need of sponsors for several boys to help cover the cost of their education.   A commitment of $50/month helps to cover everything that the boy needs.

Any interesting fact you can share?

What’s the overall vision for LOT2545?   We want to equip these young men with the tools that they need to be successful in their futures. If they are able to heal from their pasts, build a future for themselves, and take care of their families we know that the cycle of violence that led them to the streets will end in their families. We hope for a Uganda where every child is loved and valued by his/her family in a self-sustaining household.