Hosting Volunteers & Work Placements – Get your social enterprise ready

Providing positive social impact is central to the vision of all social enterprises.

Providing work and volunteer placements to people who are unemployed or not in work is an effective way of delivering this impact whilst supporting the development of your organisation.

In this workshop you will discover what is involved in providing work and volunteer placements, what is expected of you, and learn about the benefits and challenges for you and the participant. You will be guided through the documentation that will need to be in place, how to prepare your staff and consider the best places to find participants. During the workshop you will create your own work and volunteer placement plan for your organisation.

This workshop is delivered as part of the Building Better Opportunities Get Socially Active Project which is jointly funded by ESF and the Big Lottery. On completing this workshop social enterprises will have the opportunity to be supported to offer a work placement to someone who is unemployed or not in work.

Workshops and training are highly practical, enabling you to apply learning directly to your social enterprise or social enterprise idea.

DATE: 6th April 2017

LOCATION: Wagner HallRegency Road BrightonBN1 2RT

COST: Free

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