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Green My Plate | Melbourne

Sustainable Business Name? Green My Plate




Where does Green My Plate affect change?

Green My Plate supplies reusable, light-weight, plates, bowls & cutlery as well as wash stations, staff and compost bins to events, schools, businesses & anyone else needing reusables.

Tell us about your sustainable business?

We wash dishes! We have reusable plates, bowls and cutlery which we supply to events with wash stations along with compost bins to remove single-use food packaging and food scraps from landfill.

How long have you been operating?

2 years.

How did the idea start?

It began with an idea. One that bubbled up as Jess, Will and Ryan sat down over a beer and discussed the waste involved with putting on an event, and the very limited solutions to the ongoing problem.
With Jess a passionate eco-warrior who had worked within sustainability at festivals in the past, the idea had been brewing for some time, aided by the frustration of constantly seeing huge amounts of single-use rubbish spewing out of bins, on the ground, and in drains at multiple events.
A few texts later, the three of us decided it was a no-brainer to pursue the project. The concept grew organically: a WhatsApp group was created and we quickly designed a system that was simple and effective, while never compromising the customer experience.

How can people get involved? Are you open to collaboration – if so, what kind?

We are looking for sustainably minded people. Who want to make difference and see the results. Whether you’re putting on an event, involved with an event or just want to see us at your favourite event. Please get in touch!

Do you have an important event or mission coming up? Tell us about it!

In 2021 we want to divert 50,000 plates from landfill. This equates to 250 Wheelie Bins, which is as heavy as approximately 6 Giraffes!


Are you raising funds for anything specific or rallying for a specific cause right now?

We have recently partnered up with a sustainable organisation top provide on event staffing. With all staffing proceeds going back to their organisation. So now events can double the sustainable impact!

Any interesting facts you can share about your charity or industry?

Over 5 million tonnes of packaging were used in Australia in the year to June 2018. Only half was recycled after use; the remainder ended up in landfill, in our waterways, or scattered across our land.

What’s the overall vision for Green My Plate?

Reusable crockery should not only exist in the home. Our vision is to see reusables replace single use packaging.

What’s your ‘why’? What drives Green My Plate to do what you do?

Our business will have a long lasting impact on behavioural change to do with sustainability. Creating this new norm is how we will preserve this beautiful planet we call home for generations to come.


Anything else you’d like to share?

“Broadsheet had the GMP team at our recent fundraiser at the NGV. The team were incredible – from bump in to throughout the event and pack down they made the entire operation seamless. It just seems like the best bonus ever that they are also aiding the environment by reducing landfill from single-use event packaging! They saved over 2k plates/bowls from landfill from this event alone and I’m excited to see them more and more at ours and other events in the future!”
— Emily Beasley, Brand Project & Marketing Manager, Broadsheet Media


Instagram: @greenmyplate

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