Emily Scott & Aaron Reddecliffe | Washington, USA

Name: Emily Scott & Aaron Reddecliffe

Location: Based in Seattle, Washington

Do you work/volunteer for any organisations featured on TOWNHALL?

One Nurse At A Time

What’s your role within the above organisation?

Emily is Vice President

A bit about yourself:

We’re a nurse and a teacher with incurable wanderlust. We are passionate about ethical travel and hope to give back to the places we visit. We write Two Dusty Travelers (www.twodustytravelers.com) to share tips and stories from our adventures, in the hopes of inspiring people to travel not only more often, but also in more meaningful ways.

Work/Volunteer Experience?

Emily has participated in 10 medical missions throughout the world, including deploying to Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak and Nepal after the earthquake.

Aaron teaches primary school and has volunteered as a teacher in Kenya and Tanzania.

What’s your ‘why’?

We truly believe that travel done right can broaden people’s understanding of the world and make a positive impact on the places we visit. With world travel becoming more and more accessible and popular, it is important for travellers to be aware of the impact they have on their destinations and strive to make that impact a positive one.

What skills do you have?

Emily is a Registered Nurse specializing in Labor and Delivery. She also loves to write and pens all the posts on Two Dusty Travelers.

Aaron is a certified K-8 teacher. He’s also a bit of a jack-of-all-trades: photography, technology, and construction are all skills of his.

Are you happy to be contacted for volunteer/work opportunities or collaborations?


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