Chris Hemsworth & Sir Anthony Hopkins Endorse TOWNHALL Citizens’ Charity Mission

Chris Hemsworth has today appeared in a video for TOWNHALL Citizens, Opportunities For Life (OFL), just weeks after Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jeff Goldblum were featured doing the same.

Hemsworth has shown his support by lending his services as the prize of OFL’s current fundraising competition – he will have a personal phone call with the winner of the competition, which is in aid of their upcoming journey to Africa to provide clean drinking water to thousands in need.

The winner will also receive an OFL t-shirt and a signed and framed picture of Hemsworth.

“Everyone who donates goes in the running to win a very special prize,” said Hemsworth.

“A phone call with myself,” he said, laughing.

“Which may or may not be exciting, I don’t know.”

Hemsworth then goes on to explain what OFL do and what their trip will achieve at the end of November.

The video titled “Chris Hemsworth’s Call To Action” can be viewed here: All donations are tax deductible.

In just a few weeks’ time, Danielle Sturton (27) and Micheal Ross (27) of OFL are set to embark on a three-month journey to Africa to provide clean drinking water to thousands in need, two years after they were almost killed while on an almost identical mission.

Hailing from the Gold Coast, the couple successfully founded their own not-for-profit charity in 2013 and have changed the lives of thousands in just three short years by installing clean water wells for villages in Zimbabwe.

In November 2014, during a previous successful trip installing a well in Zimbabwe, Danielle and Michael were involved in a tragic bus accident which killed over 30 people and left Danielle injured and Micheal with severe spinal injuries.

The couple were extremely shaken but ultimately undeterred, having since endured a gruelling recovery and are soon to be embarking on their next trip.

This year Kathmandu’s Adventure Sponsorship Program granted them sponsorship; this supplies them with high quality equipment and clothing to prepare them for the extreme environments they will face in the African summer.

“663 million people on our planet lack access to safe and clean drinking water,” said Danielle.

“This causes a child to die every 21 seconds.”

Danielle and Micheal will be conducting water and sanitation projects which will involve drilling 40+ metres into the earth and installing manual hand pumps to supply clean drinking water for years to come.

They will also be working with local communities to create sustainable results.

“By providing water, we are also providing opportunities for education, better health, agriculture, economic growth and sustainable and bright futures,” said Micheal.

The couple have their own brand of bottled water which they have sold at various festivals including Hobbstock and Swagger Music Festival and have stocked the bottles at a number of sports clubs on the Gold Coast.

The couple have created a 30-minute documentary to raise awareness as to conditions in these villages and hope the video will assist with future fundraising and awareness (

“Let’s make a difference, one drop at a time,” said Michael.

For more information, check out OFL’s Citizen profile here: OFL Charity

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