Celebrating Human Rights Month: Guest Blog by Stefanie Harris, Founder/President of One World Tuition

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and that’s exactly what Stefanie Harris, President/Founder of One World Tuition, is doing…

In celebration of Human Rights Month this month, we at TOWNHALL wanted to highlight and celebrate the incredible things our Citizens are doing to change and improve the lives of others. We reached out to Stefanie, to share with us the amazing things OWT do and just how much goes into providing education for so many kids in need.

In brief, One World Tuition is “empowering people by eliminating poverty by providing tuition to students in developing nations”. To date, they have provided education for over 20 children across primary school, college or adult literacy by building lasting partnerships with schools and working to raise the tuition for their students.

We are so excited to bring you a “day in the life’ guest blog by Stefanie Harris as she takes us through a recent experience with her very first sponsored student in Nicaragua – enjoy!

“This past summer, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Nicaragua to visit with the very first student we had on our site. Alondra lives right outside the town dump. Her single father struggled to get by and was only able to send her to primary and secondary school because a church opened up a “come as you are” school in the area. This school did not require the uniform that other schools required that prevented children in poverty from attending classes. Alondra showed me around her town and talked to me about her dreams. I visited the school, the church and her home. Thanks to our generous donors, Alondra is attending college and is the top student at her school. She is majoring in Tourist Administration and Hotel Management so she can help tourists visit her beautiful country and enjoy it in a way that preserves the environment. She hopes to bring tourism to unknown areas so she may help bring jobs to more locals. She is a bright and driven girl who understands the power of her future.

Later in the afternoon, I visited Mujers del Plumo in San Ramon. This is a group of four women who make their living by making jewelry out of seeds. They use all of their extra profits to buy school supplies for kids in their village. They took me on a walk down their street to show me how they collect some of the seeds they work with. Many of the seeds are difficult to collect or grow on trees far from their home. They have a humble two room shop; a show room and a work room. They let the children in the village use the table in their work room to do their homework. They are also working to start a small library for the children. They have big dreams to help others through their store but there are some months where they don’t sell a single piece of jewelry. We decided to work together. One World Tuition helps purchase their jewelry to help provide them with more income. We sell that jewelry on our website and at events. 100% of the profits go to helping put the students on our site through school. We will also be putting their children through college and helping to bring more books to their library.

To us, working together is everything. We believe that we can do more as a group than we can alone. We love to look for creative ways to partner with individuals or groups so that we can work through the dreams we all have together as a community.”

For more information on One World Tuition, if you would like to support, donate or even get involved yourself, visit their TOWNHALL profile here and get in touch!

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