Youth Forum 2019 | Feb 16 2018 | Melbourne, AUS

Do you go to sleep each night wanting to change the world? Do you have a passion for social impact and dream of starting your own social enterprise? If this sounds like you, then you should definitely be attending the 2019 Youth Forum.

Nominations Are Now Open For Australia’s Hotly Contested Ethical Enterprise Awards

Moral Fairground’s renowned Ethical Enterprise Award is back this year with a surge of Australian businesses vying for the title.

Australian Businesses Will Be Rallying at the Ethical Enterprise Conference to Future-Proof for Purpose | AUS

Moral Fairground’s renowned Ethical Enterprise Conference is back this year with a surge of Australian businesses rallying behind the 2018 theme to “future-proof for purpose, sustainable growth and impact”.

Social Impact Festival 2018 | July | Perth, AUS

The Social Impact Festival is hosted by the Centre for Social Impact UWA at The University of Western Australia Business School (CSI UWA). It is a series of events in July that celebrate initiatives bringing about positive social change, with a focus on Western Australia. It is the flagship annual event and primary public engagement initiative of CSI UWA with massive potential for translating important research, collaborating with industry and community, influencing public policy, and generating a significant positive impact.

Spark the Change | Melbourne, AUS

Spark the Change Melbourne is part of a global series of events in Amsterdam, London, Pune, Paris, Montreal Toronto. It is an event for the whole organisation that brings people together to explore meaning and purpose in work.

#RadLivin | Sydney, AUS

“The purpose of #RadLivin is to inspire you to do what you would love to do now, rather than waiting for some point in the future. It’s a declaration to live an authentic, rad life. Whether that’s saying yes to going on an adventure that day, or to a dream that’s been sitting in your heart, it’s here as a reminder to do what you love, what completely excites you.”

Entrepreneur’s Unconvention | 24 March ’18 | Sydney, AUS

“Since 2010, The Entrepreneurs’ Unconvention has brought together over 23,500 of the world’s most inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs, under one roof, at one epic conference. It’s a place where you can learn battle-tested business strategies from Australia’s most successful business minds and innovators.”

PURPOSE | 27-28 Feb | Aus

“Purpose 2018 is the place for purpose-driven business. It’s about new economies and next-generation sustainability in companies. It tackles responsible entrepreneurship and human well-being.”

Entrepreneurs Summit | Feb 2018 | Aus

“Billionaire that could even help the small business owner” “World class marketing, Million Dollar Mindset, 21st Century Sales, Effortless Empire Building”

World Vision Youth Conference – Christchurch, NZ

World Vision Youth Conference (WVYC) is an international leadership event for secondary school leaders (years 11-13), run by World Vision. The day is designed to ignite a passion for justice and equality in young New Zealander’s, and equip them with the leadership tools they need to go out and create change both locally and globally.