Food For Change | Melbourne, AUS

Food For Change grows and rescues fresh nutritious food to feed those in need. The idea started in 2016 in Melbourne with the realisation that there was plenty of vacant land that could be farmed to provide quality fresh food to those in need. Since then we have set up our first major farm site and currently we are trilling our community garden growing program and local community food rescue program.

Matthew Donovan | Melbourne, AUS

I founded Food For Change in 2016 and currently sit on the board as well as playing an active role in the roll out of our programs around Australia. Besides the work i do for Food for Change, my days are filled with looking after my son, hiking, cooking and trying to squeeze in as many adventures as possible!

Co Ground/Co Ground Coffee | Melbourne, AUS

Co-Ground is not your classic charity. It is a global network of changemakers working together to make equality real. Through social enterprise, vibrant events and committed volunteers, Co-Ground feeds 100% of its profits where they counts most, in our community programs. We have education and livelihood programs in the Asia-Pacific that are all community developed and led, ensuring our impact is sustainable.

Matthew Kwong | Melbourne, AUS

I’m currently studying a double degree of Business (Finance) and Industrial Design @ Monash University. Besides from studying (and Charity Tap), I’m the National Marketing Lead for UNIHACK Australia and an entrepreneurship ambassador at Monash University’s startup initiative, The Generator. My passion lies within using my design and business expertise to create positive social impact, whether it’s through developing meaningful products or making services more accessible to those who need it.

Aqeel Camal | Canberra, AUS

I’m a 17 year-old designer, problem solver and community builder. I’ve got a tendency to be extremely optimistic about people and the world we live in. I truly believe that everyone has value to add in this world, but the systems of education currently in place don’t help us realise that potential. There are so many issues out there to be solved, and so many people with great ideas who want to make a difference but are not empowered to act on them. I think that if we were able to help young people around the world reach their potential, we’d have generations growing up who interact mostly through kindness, empathy and compassion, while being empowered with the skills to make the world a better place. The thought of such a world is what drives me.

Actuality Media Scholarship Competition

Listen up adventure-seeking, aspiring storytellers and emerging film-makers! Do you dream of travelling the world, telling stories that matter?

International service-learning organisation Actuality Media is offering the summer abroad opportunity of a lifetime with their Documentary Competition – where a 100% scholarship for a study abroad opportunity in Zambia, India, Guatemala or Cambodia is up for grabs.

Bayin Foods | Dublin, Ireland & Yangon, Myanmar

We export food produce from rural areas of Myanmar and give back 10% of our profits to the local schools from where we source. Our initial products are Cold Pressed Sesame and Peanut Oils.

Sam O’Connell | Auckland, NZ

I’m a 20 year old University of Auckland student in Television, Media and Sociology, a keen netballer who loves animals and being outdoors. Since founding ‘From me to PNG’ I have worked in schools and villages in PNG to build and improve libraries.

The Good Globe | UK (with international contributors)

The Good Globe is a website for travellers who want to have a positive social impact on the places they are visiting. We showcase social enterprises, non-profits and charities around the world. We want to make it easier for people to make socially conscious choices when they are travelling. While it is easy for people to commit to regular volunteering in the place they live (or if they are staying in a place for an extended period), travellers staying somewhere for a short period of time may think there is nothing that they can do in the short time they have. We want to change this mindset!

Stories On Our Plate (SOOP) | London, England

SOOP uses food as a means of socio-economic opportunity for cooks with refugee and migrant status wishing to champion their food in the UK’s food and catering industry. SOOP’s founding philosophy is the celebration of diversity and commonalities through food, of which we all have a story to tell.