Orange Sky Australia: How An Idea Between Mates is Now Helping the Homeless Around Australia

Between inspiring many at a multitude of conferences and talks across Australia, invitations to share their story over TV appearances, recently securing the Duchess of Cornwall as their first UK volunteer and continuing to positively connect communities daily with the brilliant work they do, Nic Marchesi, Co-Founder of the amazing Orange Sky Australia still found time to have a chat with TOWNHALL.

The Silent Heroes Helping in the Wake of The PNG Quake

Did you hear about the horrific 7.5-magnitude quake in Papua New Guinea on the morning of 26th February?
Unfortunately not many people did, although it’s estimated that 275,000 people are in need of emergency aid and 300,000 people have no shelter. Soon after the quake hit, more than 100 people were confirmed dead.

An Incredible Trip to Guatemala, Part 2: Guest Blog by Robin Canfield, Director of Actuality Media

Yesterday was amazing and I am exhausted. Sleeping on a cement floor in a sleeping bag is not comfortable, but it definitely beats sleeping out in the rain showers we heard outside, pounding on the metal roof of the little town’s city hall building where Quetzaltrekkers rented us a space to lay down for the night.

An Incredible Trip to Guatemala: Guest Blog by Robin Canfield, Director of Actuality Media

Many people would tell you about their experience in social justice work (or in traveling abroad) with a day-in-the-life piece. For a Documentary Outreach with Actuality Media – that just won’t work. There are two main issues:

Celebrating Human Rights Month: Guest Blog by Stefanie Harris, Founder/President of One World Tuition

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” and that’s exactly what Stefanie Harris, President/Founder of One World Tuition, is doing…

Chris Hemsworth & Sir Anthony Hopkins Endorse TOWNHALL Citizens’ Charity Mission

Chris Hemsworth has today appeared in a video for TOWNHALL Citizens, Opportunities For Life (OFL), just weeks after Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jeff Goldblum were featured doing the same.

Why is Love Recruitment going to India?

The guest blog below is from London-based recruitment agency Love Recruitment, who have giving at the core of their business.

TownHall wanted to feature them today, Extra Mile Day, as we were impressed by the way they have taken a standard recruitment agency model and gone the extra mile, which sees that for every person they place in a job, they sponsor a child’s education in India for a year.