Brendan Devoy | Auckland, NZ

I’m a 23 year old marketing graduate from Auckland, New Zealand.
Misfit has been a project that has evolved from my humble beginnings of brewing some questionable homebrew while at University. Graduating in late 2015, I developed the company in the first half of 2016, before getting a corporate job at New Zealand’s largest brewery. 18 months later, I decided to leave this job, jumping into Misfit Brewing Co. full time, working to release our first range of beers in late 2018.

Graphic Designer Needed | Opportunities For Life

CREATIVE FRIENDS – We need your help! We’re wanting to fill our soon-to-be-open online store with awesome new Tee designs! Unfortunately our creative abilities doesn’t stretch much further than stick figures which is why we need you!

Nominations Are Now Open For Australia’s Hotly Contested Ethical Enterprise Awards

Moral Fairground’s renowned Ethical Enterprise Award is back this year with a surge of Australian businesses vying for the title.

The Possibility Project | Sydney, AUS

The Possibility Project is about restorative justice. It’s about restoring balance between people and planet through conscious relationships. We have created a slow clothing label called slumwear108, made through practises that value dignified relationships throughout the entire supply chain. The power of restorative justice is that it aims to nurture change without judgement, punishment, fear and separation.

Art in the Barn – Much Love Quilts | 14 & 15 July 2018 | London, Canada

Much Love Quilts’ largest event of the year is “Art In The Barn” July 14 & 15, 2018. This is a 200+ vendor market in Dorchester, Ontario, Canada. It is usually a day of great connections.

Matthew Kwong | Melbourne, AUS

I’m currently studying a double degree of Business (Finance) and Industrial Design @ Monash University. Besides from studying (and Charity Tap), I’m the National Marketing Lead for UNIHACK Australia and an entrepreneurship ambassador at Monash University’s startup initiative, The Generator. My passion lies within using my design and business expertise to create positive social impact, whether it’s through developing meaningful products or making services more accessible to those who need it.

Orange Sky Australia: How An Idea Between Mates is Now Helping the Homeless Around Australia

Between inspiring many at a multitude of conferences and talks across Australia, invitations to share their story over TV appearances, recently securing the Duchess of Cornwall as their first UK volunteer and continuing to positively connect communities daily with the brilliant work they do, Nic Marchesi, Co-Founder of the amazing Orange Sky Australia still found time to have a chat with TOWNHALL.

Susanna Schumacher | Uppsala, Sweden

My name is Susanna, and I am the CEO/founder of S.SchumacherJewelry. I design jewellery inspired by peace, power, music and feminism and I always give 5% of the price to charity. (For the moment to a organisation called A world of friends, Sweden, that supports poor women and children in Ghana, Africa and in India). I also study to become a social entrepreneur and I love to spend time with my family and to travel.

Thrift Shop Gift Shop | AUS

We take the difficulty out of gifting! Whether it’s a Kris Kringle, you’re looking for that perfect recycled gift for less, or if you’re not sure what to get someone for a present, we’ve got all bases covered! Our experienced Thrift Shoppers do all the hard work for you, they’re in and out of Thrift Shops, Garage Sales and hunting for those perfect once loved bargain items that are going for a steal.

Green City Recycler | USA

Our project is focused on diverting textile waste away from landfills. Our project’s main focus is to educate people on the fact that textiles can be recycled in various ways and we are making it convenient for communities to recycle their used textiles.