Australian Businesses Will Be Rallying at the Ethical Enterprise Conference to Future-Proof for Purpose

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1st July 2018

Australian Businesses Will Be Rallying at the Ethical Enterprise Conference to Future-Proof for Purpose

Moral Fairground’s renowned Ethical Enterprise Conference is back this year with a surge of Australian businesses rallying behind the 2018 theme to “future-proof for purpose, sustainable growth and impact”.

In an age where Australian consumers are becoming more ethically conscious and businesses are taking note, the Ethical Enterprise Conference, held in October, will provide industry-leading and cutting-edge content, unrivalled networking opportunities and a friendly and interactive environment.

The conference, attended by a mix of small start-ups and larger, well-known Australian brands, will provide for-purpose businesses the tools to predict and manage future trends, explore new possibilities, expand boundaries and ensure successful businesses of today transition seamlessly into the thriving enterprises of tomorrow.

Moral Fairground Founder and Director, Susanna Bevilacqua has found this year’s conference to receive more interest than ever before.

“The need for ethical practices is at the forefront of the consumer’s conscience now more so than ever before,” said Bevilacqua.

“With more consumers curious about where their products are coming from and the desire for social purpose becoming much stronger, we are so excited to bring together Australia’s change-makers to aid them in preparing, adapting and innovating for the evolving economy.”

Moral Fairground has identified seven main areas that are likely to experience the greatest force of impact, to be discussed at the conference:

  1. Savvy – defining the future with technology, integrating innovative technologies in your day-to-day business, using technology to maximise social impact;
  2. Sending – the impact of communication, hear from communication experts on what makes people take action, advertising versus campaigns, the best mediums for your business;
  3. Spending – understanding where your business should be spending money to have the best impact and growth, financial management and modelling;
  4. Social – the importance of creating social working environments, cultural inclusion and diversity, creating places where people want to work and be part of, how to work with generational differences
  5. Style – internal culture, where you fit into your business’ workplace, how internal culture affects the success of your business;
  6. Start-Ups – entrepreneurship, how to test your ideas with minimal investment, failing and the great learnings that failure offers, preparing an enterprise for social impact, types of funding available;
  7. Scaling – making the decision to grow your business to have more impact, what business growth means, understanding what risks you are prepared to take to grow, sourcing funding and funding alternatives.

With an array of expert keynote speakers, a plethora of educational and insightful workshops, interactive networking opportunities and much more, the Ethical Enterprise Conference taps into the power of collective consciousness and promises to elevate the industry both within Australia and on a global scale.

Moral Fairground’s Ethical Enterprise Conference will be held on Thursday 25th – Friday 26th of October at the University of Melbourne.


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