ALIST | USA/Global

Social Enterprise Name: ALIST

Location: USA

Associated Citizens featured on TOWNHALL: Moria Rooney

What is ALIST all about?

ALIST is an charitable fundraising app where influencers, brands, and nonprofits can fundraise for their chosen causes with prize-based fan campaigns. We are a unique combination of social media and charity.

How long have you been operating?

Less than a year

Where did the idea start?

The idea really transitioned after J.J. Watt’s Houston Flood Relief Fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

How do TOWNHALL Citizens or visitors get involved? Are you open to collaboration – if so, what kind?

Download ALIST to donate to a cause that you care about. Join us at ALIST’s Launch Party in Miami.

Do you have any success stories?

ALIST was Selected as Top 50 for Startup Grind 2018 Global Conference. The Startup Exhibition recognizes 130 companies handpicked from 115 countries, 400 cities around the world.

Do you have a project on TOWNHALL or an important event or mission coming up?

ALIST’s Launch Party Presented by Simple Vodka in Miami at The Wynwood Yard on June 16 from 4-8PM. Our themes of the event: fighting hunger and clean water access. We are co-branding our launch with Simple Vodka, an award winning, potato vodka on a mission to fight hunger in America, donating 20 meals to hunger relief organizations in the U.S. for every bottle produced. We are finalizing details to have No Kid Hungry, Feeding America, and/or Miami Rescue Mission as the nonprofits we give back to through our campaigns for the night of the event. We expect 600-800 guests to be in attendance. There is no cost to attend.

Are you raising funds for anything specific?

Our current campaigns are benefiting No Kid Hungry, Habitat for Humanity, Make-A-Wish Eastern NC, The Humane Society, CARE, Unhoused Humanity, Food for the Hungry, and more.

Any interesting fact you can share?

Influencers should have a following of 100K+ on social media. Download ALIST to apply as an influencer.
Nonprofits can easily fundraise through our app. Simply download ALIST to apply as a nonprofit.
Brands can fundraise for causes important to them. Download ALIST to apply as a brand.

What’s the overall vision for ALIST?

We want to create a bigger impact through giving. With help from influencers, brands, nonprofits, and you, we are creating a bigger impact through giving.

What’s your ‘why’?

ALIST has launched with many celebrity do-gooders who will run charity campaigns on the app this summer.

ALIST began as a partnership between husband and wife team, Brian and Moria Rooney. These Wilmington-based founders always had eyes trained for entrepreneurship but their passion has always been with giving hope to people in need, especially families in their local neighborhoods.

Website: HERE