Connecting people to purpose.

TOWNHALL is a city guide for discovering, supporting and connecting changemakers.

about townhall

TOWNHALL started in 2017 to provide a platform for changemakers across Australia and New Zealand to connect and collaborate, to share best practice, ideas and support each other.

Our founder Skye was supporting various charities with PR, when she saw the value in connecting them with a view to discussing how they could work together to make a bigger, more meaningful impact.

Awesome conversations happened as a result and she realised the need for a platform for startups in social good to connect, collaborate, share their story and seek support from each other, as well as industry bodies offering education and funding – so TOWNHALL was born.

We’ve already seen organisations in our community flourish after finding support from our tribe. We’ve had Citizens picked up for national campaigns off the back of newsletter features and others receive international donations after being seen on our socials.

What’s your story? Let’s connect you with like-minded people or get your story heard.

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